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How to implement GlusterFS in Amazon AMI (AWS)

The Gluster file system is used to have high avaibility via use of data replication in servers, following are the steps to implement it in Amazon AMI's:
As Amazon AMI don't have GlusterFS repo enabled in it so we need to enable it..
[root@ip-10-144-143-144 ec2-user]# wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d
[root@ip-10-144-143-144 ec2-user]# sed -i 's/$releasever/6/g' /etc/yum.repos.d/glusterfs-epel.repo Install the required dependencies.. [root@ip-10-144-143-144 ec2-user]#yum install libibverbs-devel fuse-devel -y  Install the Gluster Server and Fuse packets in master server.. [root@ip-10-144-143-144 ec2-user]# yum install -y glusterfs{-fuse,-server} Start the Gluster service in server.. [root@ip-10-144-143-144 ec2-user]# service glusterd start Starting glusterd: [ OK ] Follow the same procedure in client server and install the GlusterFS packages and st…