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How change permissions of files and directories using find command

Find is a very powerful tool in linux which is use to search files and than can perform any specific action on them as per required.

To Find the files having specific permission:

# find /tmp/ -type f  -perm 666

> /tmp/ : Its the path of the directory in which you want to search.
> -type f : Here we are searching files only.
> -perm 666 : Searching files having permission 666.

To Find the files having specific name and permission:

# find /tmp/ -type f -name '*.php' -perm 666

> -name '*.php' : Its used to search files with name ending from '.php'.

To exclude any folder from find and change the permission of any specific file:

# find /tmp/ -name "extras" -prune -o -type f -iname '*.cgi' -print -exec chmod 774 {} \;

> -name "extra" -prune -o : It will exclude the "extra" folder from search.
> -iname '*.cgi' : It will search the all files with '.cgi' extension.
> -print : It will print all t…

How to create Amazon web services (AWS) EC2 Instances..

Amazon web services are the most used and the best Cloud computing platform out there in market today. Following is the way to create EC2 (Elastic cloud compute) instance..

Login into your AWS account and go into EC2 under Compute and Networking..

In the EC2 dash board you will find the following screen which has info about all the current running instances, elastic IP's, Load balancers, etc..
To create an Instance click the Launch Insatnce..

After clicking the Launch Instance you will get the following screen..
Classic wizard: It gives you many customization option regarding the instance..
Quick Launch Wizard: It has predefined parameters which is used to get images up and running quickly..
AWS marketplace: Its where you can buy other images rather than the default provided by the Amazon like Centos, Debian, etc

We will be creating the image via Classic wizard..

Here you see the images which are provided by the AWS, star indicates that the images are free to use without any addi…